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Chiropractor, Founder

Dr. Matthew Schaer

Dr. Matthew Schaer was born and raised in sunny Southern California. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). After experiencing debilitating migraines, Matthew found recovery and wellness through the power of Chiropractic.

Dr. Matthew was so impressed and moved by his experience that he found his calling and was compelled to become a Chiropractor himself, graduating from Cleveland School of Chiropractic, USA. For the last decade, Matthew has had the pleasure of helping his clients and community return to a happier, healthier life through Chiropractic.

Dr. Matthew is a consummate Wellness Champion with dual Doctorate degrees in both Chiropractic and Botanical Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Matthew has been instrumental in spreading Chiropractic throughout Europe, including helping facilitate the first Chiropractic University in the Netherlands, European Chiropractic Academy. Furthermore, he has inspired many people around him to become Chiropractic leaders.

Dr. Matthew is specialized in a unique Chiropractic technique, called the Cranial Facial Release technique or simply CFR. He is the European ambassador of CFR and gives seminars to teach others this amazing balloon assisted adjustment to Chiropractors across Europe.

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Dr. Rudy

Dr. Rudy was born and raised in the northern part of Italy and knew nothing about Chiropractic care until he was sixteen yrs old. At 16 he had a soccer accident and suffered from a severe back injury. Dr. Rudy was in constant pain and tried everything to get rid of the pain. He tried conventional medicines as well as physiotherapy but it all didn't work out for him. He then tried Chiropractic care which made a huge improvement to not only his back, but to his whole body.

Dr. Rudy became so impressed with the results and the Chiropractic philosophy that, after all his other studies (sport, science and wellness), he continued to study Chiropractic Healthcare in Barcelona. He even graduated from the university with a double degree! Besides Dr. Rudy's passion for Chiropractic, he has also a passion for (beach) volleyball so whenever the weather is nice, you'll find him at the beach.

Our new Chiropractor is multilingual and speaks Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalonian, French and English. Since Dr. Rudy only just arrived in The Netherlands, his Dutch is limited but knowing him and knowing about his ability to pick up languages, it will just be a matter of time before he speaks Dutch.

The motto of Dr. Rudy is: Mens sana in corpore sano (Healthy mind in a healthy body) and he feels that Chiropractic is the key to follow up his motto. He hopes to see you soon.

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Dr. Martin

Dr. Larisha Labuschagne is a 27 year old, South-African born and raised chiropractor. For the past couple of years she has dedicated her lifes' work to alleviate her patients from ill health.
Dr. Larisha qualified and fine-tuned her chiropractic techniques at the University of Johannesburg and also boasts with a Golden Key award.

Dr. Larisha settled in chiropractic as she soon realized how effective it was, which in turn introduced her patients to a fuller, more energetic life. She also feeds off positive energy, so the more the patient are willing to talk or open up, the more she will be able to assist them. She is currently studying Dutch and hopes to be fluent in the language soon! Her other linguistic abilities include fluency in English and Afrikaans.

One of the most interesting things about Dr. Larisha is that she will always strive to help her patients to the best of her ability and work hard, in an attempt to alleviate disease anywhere she can. Her hobbies include spending time with her pitbull, mountain biking, painting and having quality time with her loved ones.

She loves improving her chiropractic techniques and to stay on top of the latest chiropractic developments. Dr. Larisha is looking forward to spending quality time & effort with each and every patient she consults with.

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Nico Weiler

Born in Singapore and raised in south Switzerland but have German roots.
Having lived in different countries I can speak German, Italian, English, Spanish, and hopefully Dutch soon.

After my first shoulder dislocation playing Waterpolo, I discovered chiropractic at 17 years old which helped me to reduce the pain and to stabilize the shoulder. I did not just have benefits for my shoulder but my entire body. I was surprised how a single adjustment can change people’s lives.

For this reason, I started to study chiropractic and graduated from Mc Timoney College of Chiropractic.

Apart from chiropractic, my hobbies and passions are playing Waterpolo watching football, and cooking.

I’m always trying to improve my art, philosophy, and science about chiropractic by doing so I will find the best chiropractic technique suitable for every human being.

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Laura Hamann

Laura Hamann was born and raised in Germany. Inspired by her uncle, who was a renowned natural medicine practitioner, she early on developed an interest in the medical field. After four years of intensive studies, she received a degree in Heilpraktiker (Naturopath), one of the youngest in Germany to ever acquire this title.

Working in several well-regarded practices in Germany. Laura built a solid patient experience and developed a deep understanding of alternative medicine as a key component of a holistic approach.

Continuing her development as a health professional, Laura enrolled at the European School of Physiotherapy on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. There, she was awarded her degree with distinction / Cum Laude.

Working alongside Chiropractors for many years, Laura was inspired, furthering her education by enrolling at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in England.

Combining Chiropractic and her background in physical therapy she focuses on alleviating spinal blockages and postural abnormalities, which in turn creates better stimulation and function of the nervous system.

Laura passion is to help others one adjustment at a time, aligning the spine, increasing range of motion, and reducing pressure on the nerve and increasing her clients human potential.

Languages: English, Dutch and German fluently.

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